In the frame of the 2nd part of the project, the PIC Library Kit development of S2QUIP led by VLC has been completed.
S2QUIP's Library is an extension of the 300nm Si3N4 VLC-CNM PDK, building the S2QUIP technology to implement Quantum system at the visible wavelength range on top of the low-loss standard CNM process. This methodology facilitates experiments with 2D-quantum technologies, making easier the access to the fabrication in a validated process.

S2QUIP's Library consists of a Process Design Manual, a Components Manual and a Design Layout environment. More specifically, the Design Manual describes the technology and modules, GDS layers and fabrication rules (minimum thickness, denied layers overlap, feasible gaps, etching steps, etc.). This manual provides an overview of the process to allow working on circuit designs free of fabrication-related issues with no need of a deep knowledge about technology processes.

The Components Manual was conceived to operate according to the Synopsys software environment and being compatible with the PDAflow standard.
The S2QUIP Library, reported in D1.3, comes along the component IP library in the form of black boxes that contains selected structures simulated and ultimately characterized and validated by at least one fabrication and characterization cycle, so providing certain level of performance for starting experiments. In this way, the designer can accomplish photonic design layouts faster and improve turn-around delivery of fabrication files to the foundry for mask generation too. The Library document includes 11 newly extended IP design functionalities developed within S2QUIP and will be updated and evolved even after the end of the project as long as new components come up. The list of selected blocks includes:

- Edge Coupler
- Transitions
- Shallow to Deep Waveguide transition
- MMI Couplers (2x2 and 3x3)
- Directional Couplers

Our consortium has changed over the last years. Our coordinator Klaus Jöns moved to Paderborn University, thus KTH is no longer part of S2QUIP.

Also Laser Quantum has resigned from the consortium after finalizing their task of developing a custom-made laser.

We would like to thank both KTH and LQ for their support throughout the first half of this project.

Was a pleasure to work with you both!

Atomic Architects present at the EU Researchers night at the Scottish Parliament. It's great to see the continued and genuine interest in our team's research areas.

Our W.E. Seminar in Bad Honnef has been postponed!

HWU Atomic Architects presenting their work at the launch of the SSAC report on Scotland's Science Landscape at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. It was a busy event with a lot of interest in our stand making for some great conversations and a great evening all round.